Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happily ever now

Dear Scotland,

Yesterday was our one month anniversary. It's getting pretty serious, too. Might as well be facebook official! Let's be honest: you've given me flowers (already blooming!), blue skies and sunshine, and you've opened my heart to a world full of kilts, accents, and food! I mean, it got "complicated" when you didn't sell macaroni and cheese, but I forgave you when I saw your sunset over the North Sea. See, Scotland, it's only been a month, but I think I like you a lot. You continue to surprise me. And well, I like that in a ... la(n)d. Your classes are decent, but your dancing seagulls are much better. And the homework you give me? I can totally deal with it when it forces me to walk a beautiful 15 minutes to campus! That hill you put at the end of the walk sure makes my legs burn, but at least it gives us both a laugh when I slip all over the ice on the way up. Yesterday, I found out another thing I love about you: YOU have little pinecones just like the ones at Hope College! You sure do help me appreciate the simple beauties... you put them all over the place! And I'm so glad you and Mary are friends! It makes it even better that you know my best friend too. Not only that, but you've introduced me to three other beautiful women from Hope. Man, I'm lucky to call them my friends. Man, Scot (can I call you that?), life sure is an adventure with you. I couldn't ask for more than that. I look at all we've been through already (many highs and many lows) and how far we've come. And get this! We have more than three more months together... cool, I know.



  1. kelsey...i hate to be the one to tell you...but scot may be telling you a little fib. you see, at his neighbor's place (england...do you know him? he's pretty cool), they DO have "macaroni cheese." in pubs, at sainsbury's...everywere. you may want to give scot a stern talking-to about hiding the good stuff. :/

  2. Kelsey! You make me smile, glad to see you're enjoying Scotland. Hope to see you very very soon!

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I loved this. :)