Thursday, February 25, 2010

The little destroyer

All the classrooms here begin with G, F, S, and T and are followed by a number. The letters correspond to the floor (ground, first, second, and third) and the number is... yeah, you figured it out, the number of the classroom. I was looking at my schedule and I couldn't help but notice that I feel like I'm playing a new version of Battleship, the University of Aberdeen limited edition. For instance, today I went to King's College F7: the Psychology class I added last Friday. Let's just say, it was a big fat "miss." I dropped it not even a half-hour after walking out of the lecture. Sadly, none of my battleship-esque classroom coordinates have been real "hits." I mean, my classes aren't too much of a bummer. I'm just not a heaping bowl of passion for them... yet, at least. If this was battleship, my classes would be like finding the big five-person aircraft carriers. The ones that are like, "Woopdie doo, can't miss 'em!" Like, of course you are there you big piece of grey plastic. BUT: If this is indeed a case of Battleship, Aberdeen edition, I'm in for a treat. You see, the little sneaky two person boat is still out there somewhere.

You know which one I'm talking about. The one that, if you find it, you really can't help but say, "SUCKA! I FOUND THE DESTROYER!" That little destroyer can be so tricky, but I have a feeling it's hiding in one of my classes somewhere, and I'm going to find it if I have to call out every number and letter in all of Aberdeen. Maybe it's the bottom corner, or maybe on this bright green game board full of trees, birds, and puddles, it's smack dab in the middle and I've been dawdling around it this whole time. My classes may not be all that great, but that little boat full of passion for knowledge is hiding and waiting for me to find it. And I know I will. I'm equipped with a noggin, an inside-out prone umbrella in case it rains along the way, some sturdy shoes to climb and run, and open eyes. Well, I probably only need the open eyes, but the crappy umbrella sure makes the journey a little humorous for everyone around me.

Little destroyer of wonder, here I come. Coordinates: UNKNOWN. Opponent: NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS (lost my glasses last week. Sorry Mosmo y Faja). Remedy: Follow heart not bad eyes. Goal: FIND LITTLE VICTORIES IN MY CLASSES. Final Words: HIT AND SUNK.

For a look at me con mi trusty umbrella, watch this:


  1. my favorite was after VERYYYY windy days in the city centre you'd just walk around and there would be broken umbrellas on all the corners.. i never used one. :)

  2. you ALWAYS cheated at battleship and found my little nugget boat!
    So don't worry, you'll find it, even if it's by means of your own design :)
    love you sister