Monday, March 22, 2010

1.5 year plan

Kelsey: Tell me your schedule.
Mary: For the Fall?
Kelsey: No, for when you are 34. (dripping with sarcasm)
Mary: Well, that one isn't on KnowHope Plus yet.
Here's the thing: scheduling time is drawing near! In my time at Hope and Aberdeen, I've made more four-year plans than all the advisers in the universe and Mars put together. Okay, so maybe that's an overstatement. Still, I was looking through my blue advising folder and found degree evaluations for a biology major, a communications major, a religion major, an elem. ed. major, a psychology major, and right back to an elementary ed. major. So now, with only a year and half left (staying an extra semester for student teaching), I only need to make a "1.5 year plan." And guess what? It worked. Lots of rejoicing! With a few summer classes here and there, I'm able to take every class for my major, my minor, gen. eds., as well as a few classes I've wanted to take for some time (Christian Love, an art class, night sky, and volleyball). Not only that, but six credits of Fall 2010 will be with my sister (couldn't be happier).

Through my overabundance of four-year plans, I've always held out faith that God has bigger and better plans for my life than I can put on paper. And every random elective, every degree evaluation, every new adviser, and every schedule change has only cemented my faith. And believe me, I've had my fair share of on-a-whim or "it just doesn't feel right" massive schedule changes. Even in Scotland, I was running around from office to office trying to find what classes to take. And yet, no matter how confusing the process may be, it's always worked. And it did once again. My 1.5 year plan is signed, sealed, delivered. (False: It just sounded nice. I schedule online in a couple weeks.)

I e-mailed the counseling center last night to find out the steps I'd need to take to go to graduate school after student teaching and get my Master's or Ph.D. in higher education counseling. I like to close my eyes and picture what my life would be like if that's what I choose, and since writing that e-mail, I feel very excited. The butterfly kind. And at this moment in time, that's more than enough to begin pursuing it.

Once again: Kelsey Hawkins is flying by the seat of her pants. (Oh well, at least I'm flying, right?)

Today is Monday, the first day of the last week before three weeks of Spring Break. Yes, I know. Try reading it again. I'm only one Freud presentation, one tutorial reading, and six classes away from SB'10! I can't wait to travel around Scotland and take in the country in all its beauty. In all honesty, sometimes I forget I'm in SCOTLAND. Because believe it or not, I actually have to go to class. Silly, huh? Anyway, I'm ready to set down the "student" label for a bit and pick up the "adventurer, wanderer, smiley tourist" label instead. Also, did I mention that there are flowers EVERYWHERE? And that Spring is in the air everywhere I look around, in every sight and every sound? Yeah, that's definitely probably a copywritten song. Woopsiedaisical.

Cheers, lads and lassies! I miss you all and send my love.

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