Monday, February 1, 2010

There's a bird singing

Every day is a turning point.

Mary cut out an ad from Oprah magazine for me that says just that. It's pinned on my bulletin board along with quotes, pictures, verses, and other simple reminders that I want to hold close while I am here at Aberdeen. Every day has truly been a turning point for me. Every day I become comfortable with a part of my new situation, but every day I am immersed in another part of this life that challenges me. It's as if I always have one foot firmly rooted in my newly formed Scottish comfort zone and one foot plunging forward into a big and scary mud puddle full of campus directions, class tutorials, new faces, and intense courses. And every time I begin to feel settled in the once scary mud puddle, my other foot lunges into an even bigger one. This constant puddle-jumping, from comfortable to uncomfortable to comfortable, is my new way of life. Still, as long as I have my rain boots, I'm able to find peace with each step.

On top of transitioning, it has been our first week of class. In one class, Celtic Scotland, we discussed vikings (which, let's be honest, is legit.) I also went to Philosophy of Knowledge and the Mind. It digs deeply into how we can justify our beliefs and what it means to "know." It feels wonderful to actually be allowed and encouraged to have my head in the clouds.

Finally, while looking for classes, I've managed to create my own round-a-bout through campus, shuffling around with my map when no one is looking. During the time I've spent getting lost and backtracking my way around the university, I've happened upon some of the most beautiful moments and places. I'll leave you with my favorite two:

1) I walked behind King's College (a beautiful building) looking for the Philosophy Dept. and stumbled upon the University Field. The blue sky left room for the sun to literally light up the snow, while two people enjoyed it together. People-watching really is a constant reminder of how beautiful people are. I snapped a picture so that I'll never forget that.

2) I took a longer way back home through Seaton Park and found a river that runs through it. It was just the river, the trees, a bench, the snow, the sun, and me. (And thank goodness my camera!) I then found a steep woodsy hill and, grabbing from tree to tree, I found my way to the top. Just as beautiful as I had imagined. I wasn't so lost.

"Okay, so question. Are your high schools just like in Mean Girls? Because that's what everyone thinks. The plastics. Like, 'OMG'?"-friend from Scotland

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the soul, there is a bird singing. Slow down, listen to the call, and hail the advent of hope. -David Rankin

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