Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is not The Greatest Song in the World, no. This is just a tribute.

A tribute to my Ness
Yo, Ness. Where are you? I've been keeping my eye out all day, it's true. I went on a boat and climbed Urquhart Castle, swimming to me wasn't worth the hassle!? ShortAEY, never thought I'd be on a boat, you say? Well I WAS and you didn't come out to play! You didn't hear my call de monster, which is lucky because you would've hated it. (And nothing rhymes with monster.) I am so bummed you didn't want to be friends, yet in my heart, I'm offering amends. Secret little spunky dinosaur fish, I made a super-duper awesome wish that maybe next time you'll give me a chance and across the Loch we shall swim and dance. Come out, come out! But whatever you do...please don't eat me. (I realize the last line doesn't rhyme, but it was fairly essential.)

Loch Ness rocked my socks right off. (Lie. Socks stayed on.) Loch Ness rocked my world. (Truth. Total truth.)

Somewhere in between the rolling obsidian-colored waves, the snow-capped mountains, the intense castle ruins, the perfectly painted landscape, and the sun lighting up a blue, blue sky, I found myself smiling. Can you believe it? It's true. It felt like I fell into a 3D postcard, and again, Scotland puts my speck of a life into perspective--not in a depressing sense, but a refreshing way. Small speck, big heart. I'm ready to roll.

In other news...
Scotland went from Spring with little budding flowers back to a snowy Narnia. The snowflakes here are the size of gargantuan beasts and they pelt straight into your eyeballs. Is it weird that I love that? (Even when the icy hill from class sends me straight into the mud, complete with many giggling onlookers.) Also, I've been missing my home/homies a lot lately, but I think that is okay. Up and leaving somewhere for five months isn't always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but missing home doesn't mean I'm not loving Scotland. A little both is healthy for me, or a lot of both I guess. Oh, well! Every day is a turning point. And today? Today was yet another reminder that the world is great, that God's love is even greater, and that running through castles is exactly how I pictured. But better.

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