Saturday, April 3, 2010

Every time

I am in Scotland.
Yes, I repeat, I am in Scotland.

I am very certain of that as of last Friday, the beginning of my three-week 'Easter Holiday.' I've been traveling with Mary, her sister, and her mom and it has been a great time thus far. We've climbed glorious castles, seen many a kilt, been on audio-tours of massive buildings, went on a literary pub tour, danced around Edinburgh singing terribly self-constructed Scottish jingles, gooned around with swords and a big hairy William Wallace impersonator, and basked in beautiful 45 degree, sunshine-filled moments. A break from classes was much needed, and with two weeks of break left to travel around Scotland and then to London with Mary, I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! (Nah, not that ready.)

Top 5 Very Humbling Ways I Know I'm Still an Amateur
  1. I nearly burned my entire flat down by means of a heating pad last week. Smoking plastic in all its glory, and singe marks on my sheet to proof it. Never leave to get a glass of water. Just don't ever do it.
  2. I have yet to take a walk on cobblestone without tripping. Literally, I now take a tally. "L" for left and "R" for right. For instance, L1R3. Left: one. Right: three. Four trips.
  3. While buying a new camera, the saleswoman asked my surname. I responded, "Hawkins." And my first letter? I responded quickly, "K." When asked my house name, I thought it was another funny word for a name and responded, "Kelsey." With a confused look, she said there wasn't a house named Kelsey on Don Street.
  4. In attempts to throw away my rubbish on the train, I made my way to the middle of the two cars and without any footing whatsoever, missed the garbage and ran into the wall.
  5. Sometimes it's funny to try out accents. I mean, my own voice gets old. Reminder, though: you should not yell out random phrases in accents when there are about 70 countries represented within earshot.
To be honest, God only knows why I'm here. But really, it's true. I couldn't tell you how I ended up studying in Scotland and living in another culture for 5 months. It's just not ME. Well, a year or so ago it wasn't. And now? Now it's me. And I like that. The thing is that Monday marks the halfway point of my adventures in this country, and that knowledge brings about a huge range of emotion. Time flies by, and as it does, there's been one phrase running around in my thoughts. I try to make sense of my time here, the choices I've made, the places I've been, and the many exciting days left to come, but I find peace in this: You get it right with us every time. Every time.

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